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You have just moved to a new school, and you're ready to take your place place as queen of the classroom!

Mouse to interact

Click on students to use social media.

Enemy: Top left

You: Bottom Right

Friends: Labeled in Green

Enemies: Labeled in Red

Neutral: Labeled in Blue

Perform actions each turn to make everyone like you more and like her less. You can only use your friends' actions.

To use a move: click on your friend then either use power or pick target, based on their move type.

Send commands to your friends over social media to gather favor among the other students. Isolate her from all of her friends to win! But if you make your friends do too much for you, they'll feel used, and stop being your friend! At the start of a round, your closest friends will gather around you. Make sure not to alienate too many of them!

Different friends have different abilities! Some can pull pranks on other students, some can win you favor with other students, some can pressure other students into doing your bidding!

HANG OUT: Increases friendship by 10

INTRODUCTION: Increases friendship by 15

TALK ME UP: increases friendship with class by 3

TRASH TALK: Lower one of her friendships by 5

SKIP SCHOOL: Give someone immunity for the next turn

MOTIVATE: Double the effect of a move

STUDY: Increase friendship by 7 with all neighbors

PEER PRESSURE: Allows you to command a neutral student

PRANK: Stop a student from acting on her turn

LIQUID COURAGE: Randomly affects your friendship with someone